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    Home Selling System

    Get your Home Sold with a Marketing Program that creates demand ! 

    All of our programs work simultaneously together to create demand for your home. You listing will stand out from the competition. We don’t just put a sign in the yard, and wait for a buyer. We aggressively market your home until we have many buyers bidding over your house!

    See what your home is worth today !

    Get My Value Now!

    • We have Buyers!! 

    At Morgan Reed Realty, we have an amazing home buyer’s program. This program attracts buyers to our database every 10 minutes! We currently have over 6,400 ready, qualified buyers. This means your home may already be SOLD!

    • Professional Photography and Videography 

    We invest a considerable amount in our listing’s digital marketing. We have professionals to produce top notch photos, videos, drone, and even 3D tours for our listings. You will not catch our agents taking photos with their phones!


    We have many investors in our database that will pay CASH for your home.

    NO Showings, No Open Houses, No Stress. Can close in 2 weeks.

    • Coming Soon Program

    Are you just curious to see what attention your home could get, but not wanted to go on the market just yet ? Our Coming Soon program does just that. Because our strength is in marketing, we know hoe do get buyers to raise their hand in interest of your property. This does not mean you have to sell just yet, but it allows us to create a buyer database of buyers just for your home! We can also financially qualify buyers during this time. If and when you are ready to sell, we may already have 5 pre-approved buyers ready to purchase.

    • Free Home Warranty

    During the time your property is listed, we have a full warranty on your home. If something happens, our warranty company can repair or replace that problem for free during the time your home is listed!

    • Unique Open House

    Our marketing can get thousands of views, meaning more attention of qualified buyers for your home. Our Open House gets 3x more buyers in the door than a typically open house by an average real estate company. Call to learn more, to see just how we market an open house to get multiple families there at the exact same time. It can create an auction effect on your home, except it’s for TOP DOLLAR!

    • Fire Us at Any Time! 

    We feel like there is a problem in our industry, and it’s a lack of accountability on the agent’s behalf. This is exactly why we have built our cancellation clause in every agreement. You have the right to fire us at any time if you feel we are doing an inadequate job! Most listing agreements are at least 6 months, with no way out unless you pay a huge payment. Our agreement is different.  No Risk, No Payment Penalty, just FIRE US!

    • We offer curious buyers incentives to buy your home. This makes your home stand out!

    We have 3 unique incentives we offer buyers to buy our listings.

    1. We can get their closing costs covered. ( No cost to Seller)
    2. If they have a home to sell, we’ll give them an offer, so they can buy yours without a contingency.
    3. Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee – if they buy your home, and are not 100% satisfied, we’ll buy it back from them!

    Imagine how different your home will appear compared to the average listing down the road offering nothing to buyers!

    • We sell 3x more homes than the average agent! 

    It’s not bragging if it’s true! We have put an emphasis on being experts in the marketing world. This dedication has allowed Morgan to become an expert marketer that gets homes sold FAST, and for the MOST amount of money! Our Average days on market is just over 10 days. We understand that price is a factor of supply and demand. When you can strategically market a property, you can create demand for that home. When a home is in high demand, then the price will increase!

    Find Out What Your Home is Worth – Click Here