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    Should you wait for Spring to Sell or Buy?

    Can you believe it ? We are all finally here ! 2020 is almost over ! I won’t get into the crazy year that was 2020, but I do want to talk about 2021!

    As you have probably seen recently, we are in an interesting market for residential real estate.

    Mortgage Rates are at an all time low. Qualified buyers are ready to go, and there is a surplus of them. Sellers are still getting TOP dollar on the sale of their homes.

    Now, in 2021, I believe there will be more and more homes come to market. In fact, we have many sellers making their plan now to get their home ready for the market. It seems the common theme is to wait until spring or summer to buy or sell. Many people need to wait until school is out, or perhaps they like to have tax returns come in. While I understand, in some cases, people have to wait until the spring or summer to sell or buy, I think it may be placing you at a disadvantage.

    Take a look at these reasons why you may want to rethink your strategy for buying and selling in 2021.

    • There will be more competition if you wait!

    Many people are already planning on waiting to put their home on the market. This means your home will have to compete with many more homes to grab the attention of pre-approved buyers. This could mean that you will net less once you sale your home.

    • It could take longer than you think  !

    It’s ideal that when a home is listed, it sells quickly. However, with more competition of other sellers, buyers have more to choose from. This could mean that it may take longer for your home to sell than originally anticipated. ( Especially if you choose a sub-par real estate agent. )

    • Unable to predict the future market !

    In real estate, we know what the market is doing right here and right now. Many “experts” love to give their insight on what the market will do, but anything can happen. We know that, right NOW, sellers are getting top dollar for their homes when the home is marketed correctly. We also know that there is more buyers than homes, this helps sellers tremendously.

    • Just because you list, doesn’t mean you sell right away !

    We have programs that allow us to market a home long before the home is SOLD. Our coming soon program is perfect for those sellers who plan to sell within 6 months, but aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger. We can generate qualified buyers that if and when you say go, can buy your home ! We have over 7,000 buyers in our database that we can market your home to. Our sellers have seen great success from this program.

    • Get settled sooner rather than later !

    Would you not rather be settled in your new home when the beautiful spring and summer months come? The people who are going ahead and buying/selling will be completely moved in and settled come the warmer months. Maybe that new pool is perfectly ready for the hot GA heat. Perhaps the new finished basement is ready for the new entertaining. Whatever the reason, we see many clients like to be settled before the chaotic spring/summer months come.


    If by reading this post, you are curious just what your home could sell for in this HOT market, go to this page.

    By filling out that form, we can start doing homework on your home. If you’d like to sit down with me and go over the best strategy when buying and selling, just reach out here !

    We want you to have ALL the info so that you can be the most prepared buyer or seller in the upcoming market.

    There’s a difference between real estate companies, the services they provide, and the results they get !

    Text or Call today! 678.648.5555

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