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    • Access To Off Market Homes, Beat out other Buyers, and Win Multiple Offer Situations!

    Access To Off Market Homes, Beat out other Buyers, and Win Multiple Offer Situations!


    Okay, the secret is out, It is a very HOT market for sellers. It was really no secret to begin with, everyone can see what the market is doing. This means that sellers are getting multiple offers usually selling for more than asking price. It’s the simple principle of supply and demand. There is two factors that are playing a part here. Financing is still at an all time low. Rates can still be below 3!! Because financing is so cheap, a surplus of buyers are taking advantage and getting approved. When you mix a surplus of buyers with a shortage of inventory, you get a HOT seller’s market.

    Buyers, do you feel like you cant find what you are looking for? There is just too few homes to search for.

    Imagine if you could know about the properties BEFORE every other buyer ? When you work with a Morgan Reed Realty agent, that can be the case for you! We have a large database, and every listing we know about coming soon, we offer to our buyers first! We have gotten out buyers into doors that NOBODY else even knew was for sale. Do you think that could be useful in a market like this ?

    Now, let’s say you find a home.

    What can you do to set yourself apart ? How do you get your offer to stand apart from the 20 other offers?

    If you were one of our buyers, you would be at an advantage and here’s why. I’ve been on the listing side of things MANY times over the past few months in this market, we’re averaging about 14 offers per home when we list. I have gone over about 100 offers with different sellers in the last month or so. This means I know exactly what can win multiple offer situations! When you work with one of our buyer agents at Morgan Reed Realty, you instantly become a different, stronger buyer. We put together a buyer sales package that we attach to all of our buyer’s offers. This package is powerful, and it appeals to a seller’s emotions. Believe me when I say, a seller is not ONLY concerned about the bottom line. They do care about who is buying their home, especially if they are attached to it. If you are up against other qualified buyers, who may be just as strong financially as you are, This package will set your offer apart from the other 10 they may be contemplating. We have won many homes for our buyers using this very strategy.

    The facts are, we sell more than 3x more homes that the average agent. This means we have a larger database, we have more opportunities to give our clients benefits and discounts, and we also have more access to homes. In fact, we may have your dream home coming to the market soon, with Spring/Summer right around the corner. We also a have a reputation of getting deals CLOSED. When the listing side sees that you are working with Morgan Reed Realty, they know they will be working with professionals who know what they are doing, that will get the deal CLOSED. This can go a long way for you.

    We also offer benefits like our Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your new home in the first 2 years, we will BUY IT BACK or SELL it FOR FREE.

    Oh, and by the way, all of these buyer services are FREE. You also have the right to fire us at anytime for any reason whatsoever.

    Buyers, get started today with a free, 20 min ZOOM call with one of our buyer agents !

    GET STARTED HERE – Buyer Benefits 



    Now, Sellers, I need you attention please. I know you are probably not worried about selling your home. However, do you really want the stress of having 50 showings in a couple days ? What if you could sell your home with multiple offers, over your asking price, but only have to show it for one hour for one day! Does that sound better than having to scurry out of the house every 20 minutes for the next showing ? That’s what our selling system is all about. We can market your home well before you’re ready to have people in the home. once you are ready, we can hold it open for one hour. All of the people we have been marketing to will show up, they will write you GREAT, STRONG offers that will allow you to sell for more money than all your neighbors with an average agent. Everyone we bring in your home will be a qualified, ready buyer. What I am saying is you can take the family out to lunch, and by the time you are back Morgan Reed’s Home selling system will have 10+ offers for TOP dollar, leaving you very happy the rest of that afternoon ! Selling homes is more about being a good marketer, and that’s exactly what i specialize in!

    I get it, you may not be thinking of selling. You may be more concerned about finding the next home, well what I said above for our buyers will go for you too! We may have homes for you in our database right this second.

    When it comes to getting your property ready to sell, I would definitely reach out to get an opinion on what to do to get it list ready. You may not have to do and spend as much as you think! In fact, one of my most recent seller was about to renovate an entire master bath, because he thought that’s what it would take to sell for Top Dollar. I came over, and told him I wouldn’t take on that project. I told him I thought we could get his price with the bathroom the way it currently was. We sold for more than he thought he would get with an updated bathroom. This saved him an extra $8,000 that he had plans of spending had it not been for our advice. Sellers, I’m here for you!

    Get in touch with us today to start the process of getting your home ready to sell.

    Click below. or Give us a call today !

    – 678.648.5555 –


    See What Your Home May be Worth HERE 


    REMEMBER, when you work with Morgan Reed Realty, you don’t just get our award winning service, you will also be benefitting a wonderful cause as well. We donate a portion of our income on every transaction to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.


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